In the Media

Structural Integration (Rolfing) has appeared on External link opens in new tab or windowOprah, in Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, External link opens in new tab or windowClimbing Magazine, External link opens in new tab or windowBodywork and Yoga, and in many other media.  

Many athletes have benefited from the work, including Charles Barkley of the Houston Rockets; Cris Carter, Minnesota Vikings Capt. of Offense; Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls Coach; Qadry Ismail, Baltimore Raven's Superbowl star Receiver; Bob Tewksbury, Minnesota Twins Pitcher; and many top Brazilian soccer players.

Structural Integration is particularly helpful for the Crossfit Athlete.

In the artistic realm, Rolfing enabled Leon Fleisher, a Peabody virtuoso concert pianist , to regain the use of one of his hands after a 30-year struggle unsuccessfully trying other therapies. His experience has been reported on Good Morning America; in People Magazine, The New York Times; and in the powerful 2007 Oscar Nominated Documentary External link opens in new tab or windowTwo Hands.


"Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition; it puts my body in place."

~ Elvis Stojko, '02 Olympic Silver Medalist Figure Skater Elvis Stojko.

"I have received many benefits from Rolfing. In 1991, my massage therapist recommended it as a way to get a deeper level of work.... I have noticed long lasting benefits with regard to my breathing, my posture and my body awareness. I have used Rolfing mainly in two areas, for my lower and upper back to help with flexibility and stiffness and to enhance my performance." ~ Bob Tewksbury, Minnesota Twins Pitcher

"Six physicians predicted I would be out of the game for five weeks with that high ankle sprain. Wayne [Henningsgard, Certified Rolfer] had be back out in a week. I played the Green Bay game and within two weeks was I was playing full force again and ran a 100 yard game."

~ Cris Carter, Minnesota Vikings Capt. of Offense

"Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, competition, and injury."

~ Dr. Karl Ullis, Olympic MD at the Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medical Group in Santa Monica, CA

"Rolfing gives you a competitive edge as an athlete."

~ Sarah Will, World Champion and five-time gold medal Olympic skier, paraplegic athlete on US Disabled Ski Team

"Rolfing works. It really makes a huge difference. I've been in track and field a long time and wish I had known about it sooner. My stomach tenses and my hips tighten when I jump. The Rolfing bodywork helped me to breathe and I felt taller."

~ Joe Greene, two-time U.S.A. Olympic bronze medal long jumper

"Bodywork can extend athletic careers," says Swan, whose career ended from a sports injury. "I truly believe if I had been Rolfed in the early part of my career, I would still be pitching."

~ Craig Swan, former N.Y. Mets Pitcher and now Rolfer

"I always felt better after each of the sessions....I was really solid and I finally felt totally at home in my body."

~ Levar Burton, of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Reading Rainbow, and Roots on The Oprah Winfrey Show, July 7, 1996. 

"The first of ten sessions fixed (my back pain),"

~ Willie Nelson, songwriter, The New York Times on Feb. 23, 1995